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Brittany Werner

Brittany has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition. Growing up in a small town, sports was everything, and Brittany was active in every team sport available to her.

Brittany struggled with her weight as a child and into her teen years. Going into college as an undecided science major, Brittany decided to take a nutrition course to learn more and try to get a handle on her weight.

From that moment, she knew dietetics was the right choice for her. She went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, followed by a Masters of Science in Dietetics and Human Nutrition degree, both from Marshall University.

After years of long-distance running, in 2007, a friend introduced Brittany to CrossFit. She obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2008 and has never looked back.

Life started to move quickly when Brittany and her husband welcomed their first child in 2010. The next decade was filled with 4 international moves (Belgium, Bosnia, USA, and Germany) and a few more babies!

Throughout everything, Brittany practiced as a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight management and metabolic disorders. To stay active, you can find Brittany on the ski slopes, riding her Peloton bike (#LikeAMother3), at the CrossFit box, or traveling!

"I have been there. I've felt hopeless. I've been to the point where I've felt nothing would ever work for me. I want clients to see that there is something that will work for them, and it's my job to help them find that something." 

Today, Brittany lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with her husband Chris, three daughters, and their Goldendoodle, Sheldon.