I think that WAG is the perfect combination of accountability, support and nutritional expertise.

— Michelle Busch


Lean out and increase endurance. 

I think that WAG is the perfect combination of accountability, support and nutritional expertise. I knew I needed help to lose the perimenopausal pounds that began accumulating over the last few years, but just didn't know where to get it. The internet had too much information and I felt that I needed a more individualized approach. My daughter, Melanie Busch, was having great success with WAG so I gave it a try. I was surprised how much food I was actually able to eat on the program and was thrilled to eat all of those foods that I had previously banned due to a paleo diet. WAG helped me stay accountable with weekly check ins and my coach kept me focused and motivated. She listened to all of my concerns (including ones having nothing to do with weight loss) and put things into context. All of this happened while recovering from rotator cuff shoulder surgery (surgery was 1 week after starting WAG). I hesitated joining WAG when I knew that I was having shoulder surgery and wouldn't be able to train but I really think that WAG helped keep me sane. It actually was helpful to be able to focus on my nutrition while recovering from surgery. The community on FB is also very helpful, allowing me to see that others are struggling with similar issues and also to get great ideas for more volume! My coach, Ashley, has been there every step of the way giving me advise on how to increase volume and making sure that I understood the plan ahead.  I have lost a total of 16 pounds and several inches and feel great in my own skin again! Prior to WAG, my husband and I went to visit our daughter in Asia and I was having trouble finding clothes that fit. It left me feeling unmotivated and just plain discouraged. Now, I have the same problem, just in a different way. I've had to buy new clothes or have my old clothes tailored to fit and, at 51, am in better shape then I was in high school. Currently, my coach is helping me to wean off of weighing and tracking so that I can be confident to maintain what I've worked so hard for over the past 5+ months. Thank you WAG for the accountability and support that I needed!

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