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Late Night Protein Treats for Recovery

Protein: 13g | Carbs: 3g | Fat: 1g
Calories: 73

We recently wrote this article about the power of casein protein intake before bed for your recovery. There’s never been a better excuse for dessert. Try these macro-friendly, casein protein powder ideas

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Birthday Cake Protein Rice Crispy Treats

Protein: 5g | Carbs: 20g | Fat: 4g
Calories: 136

These birthday cake-inspired rice crispy treats are still squarely in the “dessert” category, we cleaned them up (and added a little protein kick) to keep them more macro-friendly than the original.

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Apple Sweet Potato Brookies

Protein: 3g | Carbs: 22g | Fat: 2g
Calories: 118

Is it too much to ask for a tasty baked treat with the calorie and macronutrient profile of a piece of fruit? No, it is not.

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Bedtime Recovery Hot Chocolate

Protein: 13g | Carbs: 3g | Fat: 1g
Calories: 73

Try this hot chocolate filled with casein protein for a deep, restful sleep. Perfect for recovery!

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Protein Lemon Bars

Protein: 15g | Carbs: 13g | Fat: 4g
Calories: 148

These tangy lemon protein bars are a perfect dessert that’s light on sweetness and macros, but high in protein and flavor.

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Root Beer Float

Protein: 6g | Carbs: 14g | Fat: 0g
Calories: 80

Ever wanted a root beer float, but didn't want to use up all your macros? Most root beer floats have on average 14F and 48C. But this isn’t your average root beer float. This one makes it easy to satisfy that craving without breaking the macro bank.

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4 Macro-Friendly Popsicle Ideas

Protein: 16g | Carbs: 21g | Fat: 6g
Calories: 202

The dog days of summer are here, and with that comes the heat. Try these homemade popsicles for a low-calorie cool down snack!

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S'more Muffins

Protein: 10g | Carbs: 25g | Fat: 5g
Calories: 185

Today's recipe is to satisfy those with a bit of a sweet tooth. #TeamWAG member Dusty, AKA The Flexible Baker and the creator of Dusty’s Calculated Madness has come up with a S'mores Muffin recipe that is not only macro friendly but delicious and filling.