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Working Against Gravity is a nutrition coaching company that has led the macro tracking and health space for over a decade. We provide 1-on-1 online nutritional coaching, custom meal plans, one-time nutrition counseling sessions, and extensive nutrition education and resources.

Why WAG Nutrition Coaching

As a leader in the industry, our nutrition coaches have over 100 years of combined experience in the field, and we've helped over 30,000 clients reach their goals. Our holistic approach to nutrition bridges the gap between evidence-based practices and practical strategies so you can make progress and keep your results long-term.

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Your online nutritionist coach will get to know you and build, monitor, and adjust a completely customized plan while providing unparalleled accountability and support along the way.

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Get personalized macros based on our in-depth questionnaire and meet with a WAG nutrition coach on a 30-minute nutrition coaching video or phone call.

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Not quite ready for your own online nutritionist coach? Take our quick quiz and get macros and a meal plan with over 1,000 meal combinations to help you hit your daily targets.

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Nutrition Education

From free blog posts and guides to full-blown courses, we have everything you need to deepen your nutrition knowledge and make meaningful, healthy changes in your life.

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Customer Testimonials

“WAG has taught me how to reach my goals while still having a life. I never felt like I was missing out on anything and I am so proud of the progres...”

Nikki Houghton

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I honestly could not have accomplished my goal without WAG and my coach. The results were incredible! I feel strong and look amazing!”

Melissa Bennett

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“WAG has given me so much more than getting back into shape. It has changed my relationship with food, helped me create a positive mindset and to fi...”

Emily Ganz

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“It wasn't very long before I had gained complete trust in my coach and as long as I did my part and was diligent in my efforts the results showed e...”

Randy Van Brunt

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I love it so much! I was always so torn on spending this kind of money on something like this, but it works! I’ve been so in love with my progress...”

Calin Sims

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I LOVE WAG. It's been amazing! My goal was to drop body fat and I've lost 21 pounds to date!”

Tracy Thompson

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“WAG is absolutely wonderful and I think it is one of the main reasons why I am feeling as good as I am today.”

James Belk

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I have been consistent in tracking and weighing everything I eat and it has changed my life! I am in love with this program and can't imagine my li...”

Kailee Stewart

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“The thing I liked about WAG and flexible dieting in general, is just that, it is flexible... Body image wise, I am way more confident and happy, an...”


WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“The WAG program is a truly flexible program. WAG approaches it's nutritional programs exactly the way they approach it's clients; individualistically.”

Justin Holt

WAG Client

Meet Your Certified Health Coach

Experts in nutrition science and the art of coaching, our job is to teach you a sustainable way to stay fit and healthy. We are masters of accountability.

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Keto/Fat Adapted Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique Menopausal Nutrition & Female Hormone Support

Brittany Werner MS, RDN, LDN

Coach / Director of Coaching / Registered Dietician (RDN)

Hello! I'm Brittany, a dedicated registered dietitian nutritionist and the driving force behind empowering individuals to embrace food freedom and transform their lives. As the Director of Coaching at Working Against Gravity, I have spent over 17 years h...

Learn more about Brittany Werner
Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition

Ali Macy MS

Coach / Director of Marketing

Hey hey!  I’m Ali, and I live in northern Vermont (think, 20 minutes from the Canadian border) with my husband, our son, and our two very energetic German Shorthaired Pointers. We spend a TON of time outside hiking, paddle boarding, camping, and soaking u...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Weight Class Sports Performance Nutrition Plant Based Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique

Josh Holton


Josh has been active his entire life, but it really wasn't until he started college and joined a maritime academy that he discovered the weight room. While creating music (he is a drum fanatic) had to take a backseat to his studies, solace was found in th...

Learn more about Josh Holton
Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Weight Class Sports Performance Nutrition Keto/Fat Adapted Nutrition Plant Based Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique Menopausal Nutrition & Female Hormone Support

Amy Locati

Coach / Content Creator

Hey there and welcome to WAG! I’m Amy and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My active lifestyle started back when I was 14 years old and working on my family farm harvesting the famous Walla Walla sweet onions. I was a forklift driver, sprinkler ...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition Plant Based Nutrition

Jessica Holton


In July of 2017 I made the leap from my previous career as a teacher to become a WAG coach. I had been a client for a year and a half at that point, and had experienced considerable improvements in my performance, body composition, and confidence thanks t...

Learn more about Jessica Holton
Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Weight Class Sports Performance Nutrition Keto/Fat Adapted Nutrition Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition Plant Based Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique Menopausal Nutrition & Female Hormone Support

Alex Oskian MS, RDN

Coach / Registered Dietician (RDN)

Hi! My name is Alex Oskian, and I would love to be your WAG coach. :)  I was born in Omaha, NE (Go Big Red!) and grew up in middle TN. I currently reside in NorCal with my husband, dog, and cat. We will likely be here a couple of years before heading to t...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Keto/Fat Adapted Nutrition Menopausal Nutrition & Female Hormone Support

Tara Roberts

Coach / Membership Specialist

First of all, welcome to TeamWAG! My name is Tara Roberts.  I started my fitness journey in junior high when I started running track and playing softball.  I loved being active and outside.  I took a break from sports during high school and picked back up...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Weight Class Sports Performance Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique

Mitch Lockhart

Coach / Marketing Specialist

Hey there! My name is Mitch Lockhart and I’m a coach and marketing specialist here at Working Against Gravity. Thank you for your interest in our small company and for taking a bit of time to get to know the team. We’re glad you’re here! With a background...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Weight Class Sports Performance Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique

Nicole Kupfer


Hi! My name is Nicole Kupfer and I’m a coach here at Working Against Gravity. I’m happy that you are here! :)  My journey with nutrition and fitness started at a very young age. My dad was a competitive bodybuilder from the age of 19 and much of my c...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Menopausal Nutrition & Female Hormone Support

Pam Fox


Hi, I’m Pam and I’m glad you’re here. I actually stumbled into this wonderful world of nutrition coaching.  I spent most of my life in Corporate America working 60 – 70 hours a week, and traveling was a big part of my job the last of those 13 years.  In 2...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Performance Focused Nutrition Weight Class Sports Performance Nutrition Muscle Gain/Physique

Rob Henry


Hey! I'm Rob, a nutrition coach with 5 years of experience. I have been in the Strength & Conditioning, and functional fitness, realm for 20 years. 17 of those years I owned and operated two CrossFit affiliates, and ran a weightlifting club as a level...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition Menopausal Nutrition & Female Hormone Support

Maria Higgins


Hi and welcome to WAG! I’m Maria - mama to two girls, health nut, outdoor adventurer, Crossfit gym owner, and foodie (luckily I live in Portland, Oregon and we are known for our restaurants and outdoor adventures). I was born and raised in the Pacific Nor...

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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

Meghan Flynn


When I joined the nutrition coaching space a couple of years ago, I wanted nothing more than tohelp clients reach their goals while still living a fulfilling lifestyle. My nutrition journey startedearly on in college, where maintaining flexibility was a t...

Learn more about Meghan Flynn

Jordan Johnsen


Jordan grew up watching her mom do at-home workouts on her NordicTrack or going to the gym for a workout, so as Jordan got older, sports and the gym were a large part of her life. After high school, she worked the front desk at Gold’s Gym and later Orange...

Learn more about Jordan Johnsen

Nicola Spencer


Nicola has always been active. She grew up playing soccer and eventually got into long-distance running, completing three half marathons. It wasn’t until finding CrossFit that Nicola started paying attention to her nutrition and learned the importance of ...

Learn more about Nicola Spencer

Hollye Henderson


Hollye grew up playing soccer and continued on to play in college. Throughout that time she was just as addicted to the training aspect as she was the competition. She began lifting weights and creating her own workouts as a teenager.   Once her coll...

Learn more about Hollye Henderson

Jennifer Davis


Sports and nutrition were never a significant part of Jen’s life when she was growing up. She danced and ran track in grade school but after leaving dance in the seventh grade, she didn’t have a desire to work out or participate in sports. Then, Jen suffe...

Learn more about Jennifer Davis

Jessica Gonzalez


Jessica joined Working Against Gravity as a client in 2017 with the goal of improving her body composition and learning how to fuel her CrossFit workouts. She gained a ton of strength, but still wasn't happy with who she saw in the mirror. While working w...

Learn more about Jessica Gonzalez

Megan Bushong


Meg was a very active child and began playing sports at 3-years-old. She played tennis and basketball through high school and grew to love supplementing her sports with strength training. When she got to college she remained active but missed the competit...

Learn more about Megan Bushong

Sarah Caffrey


Sports and fitness have always been a big part of Caffrey’s life, but even after going on to coach Division 1 college softball, she never felt like she knew enough about nutrition. Without a grasp on nutrition, Caffrey felt burnt out working 60+ hours a w...

Learn more about Sarah Caffrey

Tabitha Parker


As someone who never played a sport in her life, having a healthy lifestyle and becoming a nutrition coach is not something Tabitha ever thought possible. A newborn & children’s photographer for over 20 years, Tabitha struggled with her weight most of...

Learn more about Tabitha Parker