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    Dustin Hartzler23 December 2022

    I've worked with several different WAG coaches and they've all been great. Each one takes the time to listen and give suggestions based on my goals and things going on in my life, and we talk about the plan to adjust macros, etc. All you have to do is follow the plan and it works!

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    Emily Powell23 December 2022

    Loved the coaching i got from WAG - I had two coaches who were both super supportive and gave my some amazing words of wisdom. Sadly left as I couldn’t justify the expense in the current climate - I feel I took a lot away from my coaches though and I am super grateful!

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    Ashley Wolfe23 December 2022

    Coach Amy is the best! She is constantly giving me new ways to help meet my goals each week and answers my questions so quick and thorough. Super thankful to work with Coach Amy!

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    alex hambleton 23 December 2022

    i’m 40 lbs lighter and hit my goal weight. with all this weight loss working out is my thing. im feeling great. WAGs works and Mitch is awesome

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    I've been a WAG client for a long time and couldn't be happier with the program. I originally joined to lose weight (don't we all?!), but soon found that WAG could offer me so much more because it's not just a "Here are your macros" program. I feel that my coach is constantly challenging and helping me grow in all aspects of life - be it setting and sticking to boundaries, recovering from set-backs or re-learning how I see food. One major thing that sets WAG apart from other nutrition programs I've tried is that it is made by athletes for athletes. Instead of simply telling me to eat less and less, my coach is working with me to find a balance between eating enough to be fueled for athletic performance and still being in enough of a deficit to achieve my aesthetic and weight goals. I've been both an endurance athlete, PRing my marathon time by 20 minutes because I was eating enough to make it through a tough training cycle without injury for once, and a strength athlete, recently achieving PRs in the snatch and clean & jerk. I wholeheartedly recommend WAG to anyone who is curious to try.

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    Joshua Davis23 December 2022

    WAG has been such a great experience! My coach (Mitch) always offers supports and advice, and the accountability I feel has made me take my nutrition to the next level!

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    Jenn Rotman23 December 2022

    I have been a longtime client of WAG and appreciate how my coach can navigate me through all stages of my life. They are able to identify what works and make adjustments as needed to keep me going. The platform is easy to use and I couldn’t be happier!

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    April Lutz21 December 2022

    I love, love, love WAG and my experience. I've been a member for about three years, and it's transformed my lifestyle. I've always been interested in fitness and nutrition but didn't understand "best practice" or what would work best for me. After finding WAG, I've learned so much. It's not about finding the solution to make you healthy but learning and changing your habits. My coach is incredible and pushes me to be better. The accountability is precisely what I needed!

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    Tina Liberator19 December 2022

    I've been working with WAG (and Josh specifically) for a few months. Though I haven't seen a great deal of physical transformation yet, I have gained progress in many other areas. I am eating more calories than I have in a long while (and not gaining fat), I am sleeping better, I can lift heavier, I experience less DOMS and I am learning a ton about flexible eating. I appreciate Josh immensely as he explains concepts very well and is always there to answer my questions. He is also helping me to learn to not allow the number on the scale to have power over me. He is teaching me patience and to 'trust the process'. I recommend WAG to anyone and everyone that will listen.

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    Emily Koemeter-Cox18 December 2022

    I’ve been working with Maria for a couple of months now and having her help navigate the holidays while solidifying healthier habits is exactly what I needed. I can message her throughout the week if needed for guidance, which is great for someone with a constantly changing schedule who has a harder time setting a routine. The accountability is something you can’t get while just tracking your food alone. The software works great and I’m already noticing body composition changes. I’ve been able to keep progressing at the gym and also see physique changes (without sacrificing strength). I highly recommend WAG for everyone, whether you’re looking to change your body composition, maintain, or increase athletic performance!

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    Ronnie Fulton17 December 2022

    I LOVE my WAG coach and LOVE the WAG coaching program. I love the fact that WAG's nutrition coaching is based on science, provides definative structure while at the same time being flexible. My coach provides me with the perfect amount a accountability, a weekly check-in while being super responsive to my messages M-F. For me it's the perfect fit. I'm held accountable and I feel supported without feeling stressed or like I've taken on another responsibility. My coach provides me with helpful suggestions to meet my macros. I feel listened to. I feel empowered. I feel as though I can make this a lifestyle! Thank you WAG!

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    Corinne Coates16 December 2022

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    Crystal A Davenport16 December 2022

    Realistic approach to nutrition. Working with my Coach has allowed me to work om multiple aspects of my life that contribute to my overall health and wellness.

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    Derrick Smith16 December 2022

    My experience with the one-on-one coaching relationship has been undeniably positive towards my health goals. There are many things I like, but what i appreciate the most is that I feel they really consume all the data that is tracked to support and challenge me.

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    Leah Stucky16 December 2022

    I’ve loved working with my coach. Not only am I getting to eat more lately, I’m seeing gains at the gym and my body is feeling better overall. I’m truly looking forward to what the next few months have in store as we begin to cut calories and see how my body reacts to the change. Working with a nutrition coach is helping me achieve my goals. Thanks WAG!!!!

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    Victoria Hollers16 December 2022

    WAG has helped me a lot with my goals, even when I haven't been consistent. My coaches have always been there for me every step of the way. My coach even texted me the night before the comp to help me make sure I made the weight I needed to and followed up to see how it went! The coaching is very supportive. The information they have you read at the very beginning is helpful, informative and sets you up for success. Working against gravity really works even when you don't feel like showing up. Sign up - you won't regret it!

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    Ramiro E Leal16 December 2022

    I used to be depressed because I was overweight. I got my membership with WAG and my coach helped me not only physically but mentally. I feel motivated, happy, confident about myself and now I feel this is just part of my lifestyle. If you really want to make a change this the first step to get to know yourself and get that knowledge about nutrition. Best investment ever!

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    Even nutrition coaches need accountability & coaching. I have worked with Josh at WAG for 6 years now (!!) I'm so incredibly thankful for his balanced approach, and willingness to learn and grow with me. Always pointing me toward the GOOD. This adventure into Olympic weightlifting & having to cut weight in order to lift in a certain weight class is new territory for me. Every meet, Josh has gotten me to where I need to be, and taken that stress off my shoulders. So thankful that WAG allows me the flexibility to find nutrition that matches my goals as they’ve changed over the years.

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    Sasha Walden16 December 2022

    I am loving my experience so far. I have done 2 check ins and my coach is very helpful. She answers all my questions and sends me articles to read. I love that she knows that I am new and has the ability to help me at a into level.

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    Ashley Iannone16 December 2022

    I’ve only been using WAG for 3 weeks, but wow I already feel and see a difference! My coach is super helpful and responsive to my questions and has really helped me stay on track through the holidays. I’ve had more energy in the gym, been getting better sleep, and feel more confident overall. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of progress I’ll make in the future!

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