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WAG Client Testimonials

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Lisset Calvache

Initially, my goal was to feel better about my performance and to look good, then the doctor found something in my heart (bivalve) and he asked me to lose weight to improve my health. Working with...

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Lauren Yanus

Another huge positive of WAG is that no food is “off limits,” but can be properly balanced to fit my macros, and enjoyed with a healthy mindset. I feel empowered to choose foods that fuel my body,...

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Jordan Niedzwiecki

I absolutely love this program. My coach, Maria, workshops all of my ideas with me to ensure that I have a game plan for whatever life throws at me.

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Jamie Moreno

This program allowed me to be open with my struggles with nutrition and have a person to provide consistent wisdom and knowledge to help me grow on my health journey. I would recommend WAG to anyon...

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Adam Schmitt

I was shocked at how quickly I began seeing results. My coach Chris (and the rest of the WAG network) knew the exact program that would work for my situation, and offered accretive advice and tips...

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Russ Monzon

Chris’ straightforward, honest, and kind approach to coaching made it feel like I was checking in with a buddy each week. I recommend tracking macros to anyone who asks for advice on weight loss, b...

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Stephanie McFadden

I think WAG is an excellent resource for folks who are interested in eating healthier to support whatever goals they have, whether it is for weight loss, athletic goals or dialing in what they’re a...

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Tiffany Koppels

My coach, Pam, is so knowledgeable, caring, and overall an amazing coach. She has been exactly what I needed and I am forever grateful.

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Marianela O'Mahony

I think WAG is one of the best programs that I have used to accomplish a healthy body and healthy relationship with food. I definitely recommend WAG!

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Jen Howell

I love WAG! Having the accountability, expertise, and guidance from my coach Tara has been essential in how I’ve made so much progress. Being a mom to 3 kids under 2, working full-time, and having...

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Shauna Goss

WAG has been very beneficial to me! Knowing my exact macro goals based on my personal needs and activity level has been huge for me. My coachTara has spent a good deal with me on the mental side of...

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Cynthia Ramirez-Smith

I like the accountability of the daily logs and the weekly check-ins. It does take a few minutes each day, but my own health and wellness are definitely worth that!

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Evangeline Bui

Further, I have lost some weight and leaned out which is a huge bonus! Overall, I am overjoyed with the experience with WAG and hope to continue this journey to having a healthier relationship with...

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Amanda Henry

WAG has been amazing. Not only do you get to work with an actual coach, but you also get access to WAG's Knowledge Base, as well as mindfulness exercises. For me, all three of those are key to sust...

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Huyen-Lam Nguyen

Amy has been an amazing nutrition coach. Coaching is really the only word for how she's worked with me. She helped me set goals and figure out how to achieve those goals and, more importantly, help...