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WAG Client Testimonials

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Gabrielle Valentino

Over the years I was tired of feeling like I was living in someone else's body and I was ready to reclaim my life and be confident again! WAG gave that to me and I'm forever thankful!

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Jenn Verser

Team WAG works because none of us are trying to do this alone. Between having a coach to hold me accountable, and an active Facebook group of nearly 2500 members, I never feel like I am in this alo...

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Genevieve Ross

I’ve lost 14 lbs and 4 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my hips. I couldn’t be happier with WAG. The weekly check ins with my coach are so important to my progress. It not only holds me accoun...

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Matt Chan (CrossFit Games Athlete)

I was 221lbs at week 0 (December 21st 2015) and 207lbs at week 14 (March 30, 2016). Working with Adee has been a pleasure. She is very understanding and just the kind of person you want for nutriti...

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Jason Ross

So I would totally recommend WAG to anyone looking for help with their nutrition. The changes that WAG helped me make and the things I learned on the program will be things that I use and that will...

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Cherie Chan (CrossFit Games Athlete)

While I believe the data and pictures speak for themselves it's important to note I have been eating real food weighed and measured since 2007. The big change here for me was being accountable to A...

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Sara Arman

This program along with avid crossfitting and running has helped me to lean out while still enjoying foods I love (in moderation). My body composition has completely transformed and everyday I'm mo...

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Tracey Czar

I love this program! While it takes some time to get used to weighing food and being mindful about what you are eating and tracking…once you get on the ball it changes your life. Everything I rea...

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Tabitha Sierra

When I decided to start WAG my goal was performance. I am a Masters Crossfit athlete and I wanted to get stronger. I really didn't care about my appearance I thought I was pretty lean. I was ver...

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Bianca T

This might seem like a long shot but I want to stay lean, and so strong I can qualify for nationals. I’ve only been weightlifting for 8 months, but I know this is just the beginning of my goals, I...

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Kara Keith

I LOVE this program. The difference was almost immediate when I started WAG--not necessarily my appearance, but after just a few days, I felt a million times better. That feeling was what kept me...

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Macey Deaton

Love love love WAG and the community! My coach Ivette is encouraging and I take full advantage of the exercises, they help tremendously! Although I have not lost a lot of weight I look like a compl...

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Christie Devine

I cut from 128 lbs to 118 lbs. with a 4.8% drop in body fat and over 2 lbs of lean muscle gain. I was never athletic until I decided I wanted to work towards improving my health and being able to e...

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Madison Fox

I have no plans of ending my journey with WAG anytime soon. I'm beyond excited and anxious to see where another 12 weeks and many more will take me!

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Brittany Drury

This program not only met my expectations but exceeded them! It's given me my confidence and self-esteem back and that has been worth it all.