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WAG Client Testimonials

Mindy C Copy View Testimonial

Mindy C.

Learning how to manage these phases has set me up for a lifetime of control over my nutrition. What an awesome tool!

Monica B Copy View Testimonial

Monica B.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Monica over the past few years! Her positive attitude and drive, and the work she puts in day in and day out, are admirable.

Larry J. Copy View Testimonial

Larry J.

Larry was the one that put in all the work and showed up even when life was challenging. His progress is proof that you can juggle a lot of things at once.

Huyen Lam Nguyen (1) View Testimonial

Huyen-Lam Nguyen

Amy has been an amazing nutrition coach. Coaching is really the only word for how she's worked with me. She helped me set goals and figure out how to achieve those goals and, more importantly, help...

Jen Howell (1) View Testimonial

Jen Howell

I love WAG! Having the accountability, expertise, and guidance from my coach Tara has been essential in how I’ve made so much progress. Being a mom to 3 kids under 2, working full-time, and having...

Shauna Goss (1) View Testimonial

Shauna Goss

WAG has been very beneficial to me! Knowing my exact macro goals based on my personal needs and activity level has been huge for me. My coachTara has spent a good deal with me on the mental side of...

Melissa Medina View Testimonial

Melissa Medina (1)

Jessica catches on to all my comments and reads in between the lines. I like when I throw out ideas and get advice on how to work on the mental side of my habits around food, like dealing with the...

Alesha Booth (1) View Testimonial

Alesha Booth

The program is life-changing and life-giving - not only through the science of personalized macro profiles but the one-on-one relationship and accountability with a coach. I have been off and on a...

Michael Kern View Testimonial

Michael Kern

I have tried different things to try to get back to a healthy weight since getting out of the military. When you see success stories you think "photoshop" or "that wouldn't work for me". I felt the...

Paul Ponzeka View Testimonial

Paul P.

The program has been great. I love how the coach sets your macro's in Seismic and it integrates with MyFitnessPal. The rolling average that it keeps for weight loss/gain has also been incredibly he...

Leigh L View Testimonial

Leigh L.

This program completely changed my mindset because I was eating, but still seeing progress and reaching my goals. It gave me confidence, energy, and a new way of thinking. It’s a lifestyle for me n...

Aimee T View Testimonial

Aimee T.

WAG is not a diet but a program that can be maintained for a lifetime. I love this new version of me and I can’t thank my coach and WAG enough for guiding me to a healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Musgrave.jpg View Testimonial

Kelly Musgrave

With the guidance of my coach, I’ve been able to maintain the milk supply for my baby while losing weight. I’m so happy I’ve continued to work with WAG and have built a foundation of healthy nutrit...

Emily Maas.jpg View Testimonial

Emily M.

The WAG program really helped facilitate a healthier lifestyle through accountability. I always had the feeling this was from a place of knowledge, experience, and encouragement.

Tara W.jpg View Testimonial

Tara W

My coach and the WAG program have helped to change my relationship with food, and my overall outlook on fitness, and how to treat my body.