Ruth T.


From Coach Maria Higgins: 

I’ve had the privilege of coaching Ruth over the past 10 months. The hard work and dedication to her habits and goals (as seen in her physical transformation) doesn’t even begin to explain her work ethic and what she’s accomplished in this journey. 

When I started working with Ruth, she was working really hard at her mental game. Often this is the least desirable thing to work on - both morning and nightly routines that included grounding, journaling, mobility, time away from devices, etc. This has been the platform of Ruth’s incredible progress - and it didn’t happen overnight.

There were many weeks where the focus wasn’t on macros - and that’s what got her to where she’s at today - hitting macro goals 95% of the time, week after week! Although her journey started with slow habits that were laying that foundation, Ruth has continued to show up and chase her goals - losing body fat and achieving incredible body composition changes along the way! 

Ruth’s journey is just getting started, her grit and determination to continue working toward her goals is inspiring. I’m excited for the next phases in her journey, because I know she’s able to put her mind to anything she desires to achieve (both physically and mentally). Watching her mindset growth along the way has been one of my biggest joys as a coach.