Jason W.


From Coach Tara Roberts:

Jason started working with WAG a little over a year ago with goals of losing weight, improving health and wellness and increasing energy.   He wanted to learn more about nutrition and working out and how to implement healthy habits to support his health for life.  He’s always been open to feedback and trying new approaches to hit his goals.  He travels several times a month for work, but still gets in his activity and stays on track with food quality.  He plans ahead for meals with clients and makes time during the week to do strength training or play pickleball. Jason has also cut down on his alcohol consumption, realizing that it can cause him to go off course. 

What I love most about Jason is his attitude and drive.  We’ve had really SOLID months of losing weight and hitting the goals, while other months have been more challenging and stagnant with respect to weight loss.  Through it all, he looks to find opportunities to get back on track and to stay the course. Jason realizes that a few bad days (or even more than a few!) are no excuse to keep trying for his goals. He has learned to take the long view, rather and focusing on short term issues. 

At 64 years old, he’s down 60 pounds over the last year and feeling better than ever.  Jason sleeps much better, is less sore, and has a very much improved quality of life. We are closing in on his goal weight and plan to make the transition to maintenance macros and then to a more intuitive eating approach without daily tracking. 

I am so proud of what Jason has accomplished in the last year.  He’s stayed focused on the long term goal while allowing some flexibility with vacations, holidays and social events.  He’s continued to see results and he’s created a sustainable routine to hit his goals on a day to day basis, and to keep up his healthy habits in the future.