Pam Fox

Pam wasn’t an athlete growing up. In fact, a good day for her was when she successfully got herself out of PE class. Then, at age 48 - feeling her age, overweight, and desperate to get out of her corporate 9-5 - she picked up a barbell for the first time and fell in love. Pam had no idea how that barbell was going to change the trajectory of her life.

Her priorities changed from working 60 - 70 hours a week to getting to the gym every day at lunch. And, as she became stronger and faster she also became more and more interested in changing her eating habits. Her goals shifted from eating 1000 calories a day (yes 1000) in hopes of losing weight to learning how and what to eat to gain more muscle and fuel her workouts. 

After trying many different dieting trends, Pam found WAG. Fast forward a couple of years and she was coaching CrossFit and developed a passion for supporting her athletes' internal transformations along with their physical ones. Around this time, Pam also signed up for her first CrossFit Open. She knew that her nutrition wasn’t quite where she wanted it to be so she reached out to WAG for a coach to help her put the pieces together. 

She couldn’t believe the difference in her performance and recovery after just a couple of weeks of focusing on her nutrition and far exceeded her goal in that Open. With about 6 months of dedicated training and 3 months with a WAG coach, she advanced to the Online Qualifier. She has worked with her WAG coach ever since. 

When WAG introduced their Coach Certification, Pam quickly signed up and eventually joined the WAG Coaching Team. She wants her clients to have the knowledge and confidence in the choices that they make and let go of guilt over food choices. Most importantly, she wants them to feel valued and good in their bodies.

Pam lives in a small town with her husband of 26 years and 5 dogs on 30 acres of land. She has built the life of her dreams and she is grateful for it every day.