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Alex Oskian

Alex was an avid runner for the majority of her college career. After being introduced to CrossFit through a college course, she never looked back. CrossFit became so much more than a workout for her. It fueled her passion to use both health and fitness to help others. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Alex pursued her Master’s degree in Exercise Science. She hopes to utilizes her education to help others realize how important nutrition and exercise are for a healthy, long life.

Before being introduced to WAG, Alex struggled with disordered eating for many years. She has been both thirty pounds underweight and overweight. CrossFit helped her finally overcome the disordered eating. She focused on eating mainly whole foods in order to build muscle and become competitive within the sport. In 2015, Alex wanted to focus on increasing her performance by getting rid of some excess body weight. She decided to try out WAG to see how nutrition coaching could help reach her goals. WAG would provide the accountability and non-biased opinion that she was missing. Alex learned how to utilize nutrition to fuel her performance and increase recovery. Since joining WAG, Alex has had multiple podium finishes in various competitions.