Coach / Registered Dietician (RDN)

Alex Oskian

Hi! My name is Alex Oskian, and I would love to be your WAG coach. :) 

I was born in Omaha, NE (Go Big Red!) and grew up in middle TN. I currently reside in NorCal with my husband, dog, and cat. We will likely be here a couple of years before heading to the next new place (my husband is in the military). 

My journey to becoming a nutrition coach started way back when I was in high school as that was my first introduction into the fitness space. And, it wasn’t really for the right intentions. At the time, I suffered from disordered eating where I also used exercise as a compensation tool. I would exercise for hours and hours in the pursuit to be the thinnest I could be. That mindset and struggle continued for a couple of years, even into college. During my early college years, I picked up running a few distances (5k to half marathon) as another way to compensate for what little I was eating to continue the pursuit of being super thin. I had that mentality for many years; well until I took a personal conditioning class to fulfill a college credit. In this class, I was introduced to CrossFit and never looked back. I ended up joining the gym the graduate assistant owned where I really drank the kool-aid. (You know… you are essentially a walking billboard for the sport.) Eventually, I wanted to do more in the gym and increase my capacity of what I could do (as in lift more weights during workouts and not have to rely on bands just to do pull ups). But I had to change up my headspace around food. With the help of the coaches there, I realized that eating was necessary if I wanted to build muscle. After some time, I let go of some of those eating rules that I had and was eating more than I had in years. Even though I was fueling my body more and building strength, I wasn’t quite reaching goals that I had for myself (those goals being competing and doing well in local CrossFit competitions as well as losing body fat that I gained along with the muscle that I gained). This is where I found WAG as a client, and that journey really changed my life. Not because I ended up working for WAG after a couple years, but because it finally helped me let go of many disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. My coach helped me learn what fueling my body while also living life (read: eating desserts or going out to eat without guilt) could look like. And with that life change, I knew that is what I wanted to help others gain, too!! 

During all that time, I also was in college to become a registered dietitian. So, I knew a thing or two about nutrition. But I found that I was getting in my own way when it came to coaching myself. I realized coaches need coaches, too, which is why I didn’t hesitate seeking out a coach at my local CF gym at first then jumping on the opportunity to work with a coach through WAG. I knew having a coach to hold me accountable, get out of my head, and challenge me was what I needed. 

Throughout my professional and personal experience in the nutrition space, I have been able to work with clients of all walks of life- teenagers, college age students, young professionals, masters (think 50+), athletes of all kinds (from local to Olympic level status), pregnant and postpartum women (and dads!!), those that travel frequently for business or leisure, those that are deployed, those that have just a little fat to lose, and those that have 100 pounds of fat to lose. No kind of preferred diet or challenge is anything that scares me, either - Keto, paleo, vegan, and everything in between! Meeting where the person is and tailoring the plan to fit their specific needs is my speciality! And I feel very confident that I can help you, too, when I combine my educational background (Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science, a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, and a certified Registered Dietitian) as well as my personal and professional experience. 

At WAG, I split my time coaching clients 1 on 1 via text and video call communications as well as build individualized meal plans that fit specific dietary needs and goals. 

When I am not working, you will likely find me being active in some way (either at my local gym working out or outside walking/hiking/biking/snowboarding), playing/training my dog, enjoying a coffee, or sitting on the couch with my cat and husband as we binge the latest show. 

I am ready to do this thing whenever you are!!