Coach / Registered Dietician (RDN)

Alex Oskian, MS, RDN

Get Coaching From Alex Oskian

Hi! My name is Alex Oskian. I would love to be your WAG coach. :)

My journey of becoming a nutrition coach started in high school where I suffered from disordered eating and compulsive exercising because I wanted to be the thinnest I could be. Those behaviors continued for years, even into college where I picked up running as another way to compensate for what little amount that I was eating. I had that mentality for many years until I took a personal conditioning class in college where I was introduced to CrossFit, which changed my life.

Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to build muscle and excel in the sport of CF, I needed to eat more. Through the help of coaches, I was able to change my relationship with food and improve my performance; however, I wasn’t quite reaching my goals: do well in local CrossFit competitions and lose body fat while maintaining muscle. I found WAG a few years ago, which was truly the missing piece! Even with a nutrition degree and an RD certification, coaches need coaches, too!

Over the last decade, I have worked with individuals of all kinds—teenagers, college-age students, young professionals, masters (50+), and athletes of all kinds, pregnant and postpartum women (and dads!!), frequent travelers, military members, those with just a little fat to lose, and those with over 100 pounds to lose.

No kind of preferred diet or challenge can scare me, I can help you! My specialty as a Registered Dietitian is meeting you where you are and tailor your plan to fit your specific needs. 

You can learn more about me, my journey, and my coaching philosophy in this episode of the Inside WAG Nutrition Podcast. I am ready to do this thing whenever you are!

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