Crossfit Open Prep

Get our FREE guide to surviving and thriving in the CrossFit Open, including training with Brute Strength and injury prevention with The Active Life.

When it comes to having your best Open yet — a little prep goes a long way. This complete guide will give you the advice and resources you need leading up to and during the workouts, including:

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  1. Nutrition by Working Against Gravity
    • Macronutrients and micronutrients
    • Meal timing, fueling your workouts and staying hydrated
    • Eating for recovery
    • Performance Mindset
  2. Pain free training by The Active Life
    • Warming up, cooling down and recovery
    • Free mobility assessments
    • Specific warm up routines for each individual workout
  1. Training & Competition Strategy by Brute Strength
    • The top 15 movements most likely to appear in this year’s Open (based on statistics!)
    • Improving your strength and endurance
    • Staying calm, warming up and approaching the workouts
    • Meeting movement standards
    • Identifying & working your weaknesses
  2. Advice from the Pros
    • We’ve added advice from top CrossFit athletes and coaches to help you conquer the Open

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