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If you’ve tried a million diets, keep jumping from one fad to the next, or feel confused about what nutrition approach will work best for your body, you’re in the right place.


Working Against Gravity is an industry leader that has been in the business of helping people for nearly a decade. From beginners to experienced macro trackers, we've guided thousands of people just like you to their nutrition goals. Whatever you're chasing, we can help you get it.


This whole process centers on you—your goals, your preferences, your priorities, and your body. Backed by science and powered by the dedication, passion, and expertise of our coaches, we’ll help you build nutrition habits that encourage healthy weight loss and last you a lifetime.


No matter your experience level, we will empower you to take control of your nutrition. If you're willing to put in the work, we won't stop until you've crossed your finish line. What’s more, we’ll teach you to keep the results you’ve earned. Have a look at what our past clients have to say.

WAG Answers

WAG is the answer you've been looking for.


WAG will empower you to control your nutrition and help you develop the knowledge, awareness, and habits you need to live a healthier life.


We’re real people too – we’ll hold you accountable while helping you set goals and expectations based on your lifestyle and priorities.


Your one-on-one nutrition coach won’t tell you to skip your favorite dessert or expect you to be perfect.

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Trusted by elite athletes, health professionals, and major publications.

Goals Achieved

We have coached over 30,000 people to lose weight, gain muscle and increase performance.

Customer Testimonials

“WAG has taught me how to reach my goals while still having a life. I never felt like I was missing out on anything and I am so proud of the progres...”

Nikki Houghton

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I honestly could not have accomplished my goal without WAG and my coach. The results were incredible! I feel strong and look amazing!”

Melissa Bennett

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“WAG has given me so much more than getting back into shape. It has changed my relationship with food, helped me create a positive mindset and to fi...”

Emily Ganz

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“It wasn't very long before I had gained complete trust in my coach and as long as I did my part and was diligent in my efforts the results showed e...”

Randy Van Brunt

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I love it so much! I was always so torn on spending this kind of money on something like this, but it works! I’ve been so in love with my progress...”

Calin Sims

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I LOVE WAG. It's been amazing! My goal was to drop body fat and I've lost 21 pounds to date!”

Tracy Thompson

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“WAG is absolutely wonderful and I think it is one of the main reasons why I am feeling as good as I am today.”

James Belk

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“I have been consistent in tracking and weighing everything I eat and it has changed my life! I am in love with this program and can't imagine my li...”

Kailee Stewart

WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“The thing I liked about WAG and flexible dieting in general, is just that, it is flexible... Body image wise, I am way more confident and happy, an...”


WAG Client

Customer Testimonials

“The WAG program is a truly flexible program. WAG approaches it's nutritional programs exactly the way they approach it's clients; individualistically.”

Justin Holt

WAG Client

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Choose the program that best fits your needs and join over 30,000 people
who have reached their body composition, health, and performance goals
with a one-on-one WAG Coach.

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Great for new and seasoned macro trackers


per month
  • Personalized Macro Prescription
  • Weekly check-ins & 24/7 messaging with your coach
  • Data tracking in our app Seismic
  • New member packet
  • Discounted 6 and 12-month subscription options. Learn more about WAG Pass.
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Billed month to month, option to cancel after 3 billing cycles
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Best for new macro trackers and those who want to reach their goals as quickly as possible


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  • Everything in Essentials plus...
  • Monthly Video Calls with your Coach
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • 50% off annual Macros First subscription
  • Discounted 6 and 12-month subscription options. Learn more about WAG Pass.
Billed month to month, option to cancel after 3 billing cycles

Commit to your health—get a discount.

Buy a 6 or 12-month coaching membership upfront at a discounted rate. Once you purchase your WAG Pass, apply your code at checkout anytime.

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Explore our coaching app, Seismic.

Seismic is WAG’s digital hub for all things nutrition. Use it for hosting messages between you and your coach, progress photos, calendar touchstones, and overall programming. And it’s available on desktop and a mobile app.

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We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.


Start by filling out our in-depth questionnaire so we can get to know you—your current body composition, short- and long-term goals, expectations, food preferences, schedule, training style, and more. You can also request a coach if desired or, you can leave it up to our Director of Coaching to match you with a coach based on their specialties and your goals.

Download our app

Along the way, you’ll track your progress and communicate with your coach in Seismic, an app designed specifically for WAG. Here, you'll log your weight, macros, measurements, and more based on what you and your coach decide to track. Seismic is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Connect with your coach

Once you and your coach are matched, they'll reach out with your initial macro prescription, our New Member Packet, your first check-in date, and other need-to-know info to get you started. Through regular check-ins, you'll discuss what’s working, and what needs to shift, ask questions, and get personalized feedback and unlimited macro adjustments.

If you have questions or are looking for motivation outside of your weekly check-in, you can message your coach at any time with Seismic's messaging system.

Personalize it

Along the way, you may want a little extra support. You can purchase one-off video calls and personalized meal plans whenever you need more coach connection or meal inspiration.

Then what?

You become eligible for the WAG Alumni Program after six consecutive months. If you decide to give it a shot, you'll continue working with the same coach and shift to two check-ins per month at a lower monthly rate. This is a great option for people who have reached their goals or feel confident in their ability to stick with their plan but still want to keep a coach in their corner for program changes and accountability.

Upon sign-up, you'll fill out an in-depth questionnaire and tell us about your goals, fitness, day-to-day lifestyle, current habits, past dieting history, food preferences, and so much more. You'll also get the chance to request a coach. Learn more about our team here. 

If you want us to choose for you, our Director of Coaching will use everything you share to personally match you with a member of our team based on their unique coaching specialties. 

Although we are confident in our matching, we get that there can be personality mismatches, and we don't get it right 100% of the time. You can request a coach switch by emailing

Our program is specifically designed for you and changes as your body, goals, and seasons of life change.

We’ll help you get off the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting by tailoring a nutrition program to you and providing support and accountability along the way. WAG is not an overnight solution or a quick fix—we work with you to help you find a sustainable approach to your nutrition, so you walk away with the confidence and knowledge needed to maintain your results long-term.

As one of the first nutrition coaching companies in the macro-counting space, we have withstood the test of time and helped over 30,000 clients reach their goals.

A meal plan is included in our Nutrition Coaching Plus membership.

Your meal plan is based on your first set of coach-prescribed macros and any food preferences you indicated in your initial questionnaire. Use these seven days of meals and snacks to make food selection quick and easy as you get the hang of communicating with your coach and tracking macros.

If you are not a current WAG member, you can purchase a Weight Loss Meal Plan based on your biological sex, weight loss goal, current weight, training frequency, and more factors you share with us upon purchase. Learn more about our meal plans HERE.

Depending on your membership, video calls with your coach may be included. Our Nutrition Coaching Plus plan consists of an onboarding call with your 1:1 WAG Nutrition Coach, an initial meal plan based on your coach-prescribed macros, three written check-ins per month, and a monthly call once per month to touch base face-to-virtual-face.

No matter which membership you choose, you can purchase a one-off call with your coach whenever you’d like a little extra connection. Our coaches love meeting face-to-virtual-face with their clients to provide that next level of support.

There is no limit on how often your coach changes your macros, no matter which membership you choose. In each check-in, you'll share an in-depth summary of your week, and if macro changes are necessary to keep you working towards your goals, your coach will communicate the changes with you.

Tracking macros is a great way to learn what is in your food and what works best for your body. But, we understand that it may not be for everyone, especially if you’re just starting your nutrition journey.

Our coaching software—Seismic—allows your coach to turn tracking metrics (like macros) on and off based on what you choose to focus on together. In other words: you don’t have to track macros to be successful on the WAG program.

Yep! When you sign up for the program, you’ll have the option to select “Pregnant” and give us more information in your questionnaire. We’ll pair you with one of our Pregnancy Nutrition Coaches. If you’re breastfeeding, you’re part of our Traditional Program, but our questionnaire will prompt you to let us know if milk supply is something you and your coach need to keep tabs on as you work towards your goals.

Are you wondering if you can succeed with WAG if you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, or just a picky eater? You can! We choose your macros, and you choose your food. Your coach will give you personalized recommendations based on your dietary preferences to help you feel confident hitting your targets and reaching your goals.

Yes! Our coaches can help you excel at your sport while dropping fat if that is your goal. You and your coach will outline your priorities and adjust your personalized plan based on your body, training, and recovery.


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Experts in nutrition science and the art of coaching, our job is to teach you a sustainable way to stay fit and healthy. We are masters of accountability.


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“WAG has been instrumental in helping me become healthier and reach my goals. Even when I'm struggling, my coach is always there helping me find the positives and get back on track. It's all customized and personal, exactly what I need.”

Kerri Avatar

“It doesn't matter if you are completely new to macros or just need an accountability buddy to keep you on track, WAGs is a wonderful support system to help you reach your goals. ”

Donna Lindsay Avatar
Donna Lindsay

WAG Client

“I've been a WAG client for a long time and couldn't be happier with the program... I wholeheartedly recommend WAG to anyone who is curious to try.”

Petra Avatar

WAG Client

“I LOVE my WAG coach and LOVE the WAG coaching program. I love the fact that WAG's nutrition coaching is based on science... I feel listened to. I feel empowered. I feel as though I can make this a lifestyle! Thank you WAG!”

Ronnie Fulton Avatar
Ronnie Fulton

WAG Client

“I used to be depressed because I was overweight... If you really want to make a change this the first step to get to know yourself and get that knowledge about nutrition. Best investment ever!”

Ramiro E Leal Avatar
Ramiro E Leal

WAG Client

“I've been working with WAG on and off for about a year and a half. I've seen huge improvements in my body composition and my strength. Most importantly my relationship with food has improved tremendously.”

Robin S Avatar
Robin S

WAG Client