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Happy Hour Made Easy


To drink or not to drink, that is the question. Whether or not alcohol fits into your nutrition plan depends on your body, goals, and lifestyle. This free course will teach you how alcohol impacts performance and weight loss, how to track it in your macros, and how to enjoy a few drinks while working towards your health and body composition goals.

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    • Is Alcohol a Macronutrient?
      Dive into macronutrients and what happens to your body when you drink alcohol.

    • Alcohol and Weight Loss
      How many calories do you need to reach your goals? How does alcohol impact a calorie deficit and the number you see on the scale?

    • Alcohol Intake and Athletic Performance
      What effect does alcohol have on your performance, muscle growth, and recovery?

    • How to Track Alcohol Macros
      The ins and outs of accounting for alcohol in your nutrition program including reading (and decoding!) nutrition labels, tracking alcohol in your macros, entering alcohol in your food tracker, and more.

    • Drinking Alcohol While Working Toward Your Goals
      Here are our biggest tips and tricks to having your beer and drinking it too—aka: how to decide when and if a drink is fair game.

    • (Delicious) Alcohol Alternatives
      Mocktail, anyone? Here are some of our favorite recipes and retail options for non-alcoholic wine and beer.

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