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Flexible Dieting Crash Course


In this interactive four-week course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of macro tracking and basic nutrition science, get personalized targets from a WAG Coach, and build the habits you need to sustain your results.

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  • 4-Week Interactive CourseCourse content is dripped one week at a time for four weeks so you can move through it with a cohort of students, learn together, and get guidance from WAG coaches along the way.
  • 3 Live Q&A SessionsThroughout the course, meet with other members and WAG Coaches to get personalized feedback, support, and connection. Session times and dates are announced at the beginning of the course so you can plan ahead. Can't make a call? Replays will be available after each one.
  • Interactive ChatDuring the course and between Q&A sessions, connect with members and coaches in a live chat to get real-time support.
  • Lifetime AccessAfter the four weeks are up, keep lifetime access to the course material so you can revisit it at any time.
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Dig Into the Course Material

  • Week 1 — What is Flexible Dieting: Learn what to expect over the next four weeks and fill out an in-depth questionnaire to share more about your body, goals, lifestyle, training, and more. You'll receive personal, starting macros from an experienced WAG Coach and use them throughout the rest of the course.

  • Week 2 — Intro to Nutrition Science: As you begin tracking macros, it's essential to know the role each plays in your body and the other physiological factors that impact your health. This week, we'll take a deep dive into protein, carbs, fats, metabolism, and hydration.

  • Week 3 — Goal Setting & Monitoring Progress: The best nutrition program for your body depends on your goals. So, getting clear on what you want will help you track progress accurately and build the habits necessary to get where you want to go.

  • Week 4 — Lifestyle and Mindset: Health and body composition changes go beyond what you eat. Your home and kitchen environments, prepping routines, and lifestyle factors like sleep and stress are key players in overall health. We'll teach you how to build habits in these areas to ensure your lifestyle and mindset support your health goals.

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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Clare

    I love this course. I went into it thinking that I would not see changes since I have tried so many things...well, I lost over 6 pounds (healthily, for once!!!) and made it into my desired weight class for Olympic lifting. I learned so much about what different foods do to my body and my mind. The real test was undergoing a MASSIVE career change unexpectedly and not once did I feel stress or see backtracking in my results. It became easy for me to understand what I needed and how to treat myself. I highly recommend this course to anyone intimidated by the next steps of their health and wellness journey.

  2. Amy

    I really enjoyed the Flexible Dieting Crash Course. I lost 40 lbs over the past year and a half but have been struggling with the last 15 lbs. I needed a bit more of a push to get ready to tackle the last part of my goals. Additionally, I wanted to determine how I can sustain this journey even after I reach my goals. I have always struggled with yo-yo dieting and do not want to get back into that cycle, as it is not good for my mental health and self-confidence. I was attracted to this program, as I like the flexible approach that I can more than adopt in my day to day moving forward. I am going to be signing up for the 1:1 coaching after the completion of the course, as I want accountability as I work toward my goals.

  3. Stacey

    The flexible dieting crash course has helped me in many ways. I have learned a great deal about nutrition so far and learning about the different markers of progress has been a game-changer for me. I have always struggled with weight and for most of my life, I have obsessed over the number on the scale, this has changed since beginning this course. It is much more than a nutrition course, and I am so grateful for this. Thank you.

  4. Sarah

    I was worried the content would be repetitive of what I already know with my own research and working with other nutrition coaches, but it was totally different. The information was like hearing it from a real down-to-earth person. There was enough data to make sense, but more bore someone. The best part, I was excited about new content, and I stuck to my plan of completing it and reaching the macro goals set for me.

  5. Sara