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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Women's Health


Empower women as they work towards their nutrition, weight loss/gain, and betterment goals. Learn how to work with the physiological differences of female clients to help them reach their goals regardless of what stage of life they are in.

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  • Lessons Include:

    1. Women's Hormone Health

    Understand how female physiology works and changes in the context of nutrition and fitness. Learn to identify when hormone issues may be present and how to accommodate them to continue a progressive trend. 

    2. The Effects of Menopause on Weight and Muscle

    Support the mature, female client by learning the stages of menopause, empowering her perspective, and easing the transition through nutrition and exercise.

    3. Breastfeeding Nutrition Concepts

    This unit provides an overview of breastfeeding terms and stages, as well as the nutritional and energy needs of a breastfeeding mother. Learn how and when to support this special population during this exciting time. 

    4. Preparing for Pregnancy

    Help prepare for and support a healthy pregnancy by learning the distinct nutrition needs and self-care for a new mother as well as the supportive partner.

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