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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Sports Performance


Athlete clients need to achieve peak performance in the gym and on competition day. This increases their chance of success and reduces the risk of injury. This course helps coaches build the athlete with specific performance schedules and muscle mass goals.

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  • Lessons Include:

    1. Weight Cutting for Athletes

    Learn a cross-section of competition choices, the timing of nutrition before, during, and after competition, pain-point strategies, and adjusting programs to push past plateaus.

    2. Nutrition for Endurance Events and Long-Distance Marathons

    This unit highlights different styles of endurance events. Get familiar with various macros formulas for fueling and refueling during the training spectrum and beyond. 

    3. Nutrition for Muscle Gain

    Help athletes achieve energy balance while gaining muscle. Learn healthy expectations for muscle gain in relation to training and gender.

    4. Nutrition for CrossFit-Style Competitions

    Get equipped to enhance performance and maximize recovery for CrossFit athletes. Learn to address their unique needs in relation to hydration, refueling, and food-specific macro timing.

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