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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Mindset and Habit Change


There is more to proper nutrition than simply how the body looks. Thoughts, emotions, habits, and opinion of self are factors often neglected when it comes to addressing body image. This course spotlights strategies that empower clients to tackle common mindset obstacles as they work to change ingrained eating habits.

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  • Lessons Include:

    1. Self-Love and Body Confidence

    This module is about finding new thought patterns to allow clients to love themselves and appreciate all their bodies have done for them and continue to do for them. Learn 10 practical strategies to assist clients in achieving a positive self-image. 

    2. The Impact of Words

    Words have the power to excite or break one's spirit. This unit teaches coaches how to replace the toxic words that seep into thoughts and conversation with empowering words that can change the internal landscape of the mind.

    3. The Effects of Stress 

    This unit highlights the symptoms of stress and how they impact various systems of the body. The strategies discussed will help build awareness in clients and teach them how to disassemble stressful thought patterns. By warding off stress, clients can work peacefully towards their goals.

    4. The Power of Habits

    This module explores the power of habits and strategies for successful habit change. Coaches learn to support clients in making sustainable changes while maintaining a judgment-free zone.

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