Does this certification course function off of a grading system?
No. We are dedicated to your successful completion of this course, and each coach / guide assigned to our students is there to ensure that all questions are answered, information is digested and implementation is practiced so that you are set up for success, and so that your clients are truly able to receive the instruction they need in order to get the results they deserve. The only way to “fail” is to quit.
How long does it take to get certified?
Everyone leads a different life, and everyone’s availability / opportunity for time investment is unique. The WAG Certification Program is an entirely self-paced curriculum, so that – similar to our coaching methodology – it works for you, specifically. That said, we have seen motivated students obtain their certification in as quickly as four weeks.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes! To make the Coach Certification more accessible, we now offer a Payment Plan.
Are there any physical textbooks or fine-print expenses that I'll need to purchase / consider?'
No. The WAG Certification Program is an entirely online/internet-based course curriculum. Through our platform, which we’ll give you access to upon registration, you’ll be able to study, take quizzes and personally interact with coaches who are available to help you along the way.
When does the certification expire and do we have to renew?
Your certification does not have a set date for renewal. Over time, as we update the course significantly, we will send out a notification to renew the certification which will be free of charge.