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WAG Client Testimonials

Matt Luff View Testimonial

Matt Luff

“Tracking Macros is sustainable for life, some days I use my food scale some days I estimate. If I'm in a rush or on the road all day for work I stop and grab things I can easily scan into MFP. At...

Aimee T View Testimonial

Aimee T.

WAG is not a diet but a program that can be maintained for a lifetime. I love this new version of me and I can’t thank my coach and WAG enough for guiding me to a healthy lifestyle.

Doreen P View Testimonial

Doreen P.

The focus on the entire person and how mindfulness focused nutrition can fit into your life was key for me. I loved that the program focuses on the person as a whole (sleep, mental health, stress l...

Dana Schell View Testimonial

Dana Schell

My coach has always been there to help me get back on track if I veered too much. I have been able to maintain my weight within 3 lbs since August. This seems to show that the weight loss is sustai...

Laura N (1) View Testimonial

Laura N.

Having a coach to talk through questions or struggles and provide guidance and accountability was key for me. Tracking my food has gone from being a lot of work to becoming a habit, I’ve gained a l...

Mayara Ramaldes View Testimonial

Mayara Ramaldes

My coach was amazing during the process, especially in my last week preparing for my competition. She taught me so much, not only about food, but also realizing that I’m capable of anything that I...

Leigh L View Testimonial

Leigh L.

This program completely changed my mindset because I was eating, but still seeing progress and reaching my goals. It gave me confidence, energy, and a new way of thinking. It’s a lifestyle for me n...

Taryn Southard View Testimonial

Taryn Southard

Lots of crazy things happened this year but WAG was the consistent. WAG was the way I could feel good about myself. WAG made me feel in control. WAG has changed my mindset. I have the healthiest mi...

Meg Bushong View Testimonial

Meg Bushong

I find the WAG program absolutely phenomenal in helping people work towards their nutrition goals. The amount of resources and knowledge we are given, both from the written guide and our coach, has...

Emma S View Testimonial

Emma S.

I could not recommend this program more. Working with a coach 1:1 has been super helpful. The thing WAG has taught me the most is consistency and balance over perfection. The one constant in my lif...

Mckenna Payne View Testimonial

McKenna Payne

Overall, I think the WAG program is an excellent tool to help you succeed on your nutrition journey. Trust your coach, the process and put in the hard work. It’s worth it!

Christina Maxwell View Testimonial

Christina Maxwell

All of the hard work over the last 2.5 years really paid off and I just felt so proud of myself. None of this would have been possible without WAG giving me the tools to transform my life.

Rose O View Testimonial

Rose O.

Working with my coach at WAG has genuinely changed my life! It's been a journey that I'm forever grateful for, and for two reasons: I have changed physically and mentally for the better, and I cann...

Default Avatar View Testimonial

Rachel G.

The most important take away is that I actually like myself for the first time in my life which is THE best feeling. I can't thank the WAG team enough.

Madelyn Warren (1) View Testimonial

Madelyn Warren

WAG is a program that is quite different to anything else I have tried. I seriously cannot thank my coach enough for the endless support she has had for me over the last year, she has helped me bec...