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WAG Client Testimonials

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Rebecca Delaney

In the 3 months that I have been with WAG, I have been the healthiest and happiest version of myself in a very long time.

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Sam Wallace

Tracking my macros is extremely freeing and I finally feel like I have control over my emotional eating and bingeing habits of the past.

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Breanna C

WAG has enabled me to not only manage and prioritize diet and exercise but has completely changed my relationship with food.

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Lauren Gaspard

I've got more energy, feel well-rested and find myself less irritable. It's amazing how positively your body responds when you change your intake.

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Sienna C

Since joining WAG I’ve dropped a dress size while increasing my strength across the board and improved my aerobic fitness, while also getting better sleep every night.

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Monica Bower

I am so thankful for WAG for not only teaching me healthy eating habits but also teaching my daughter healthy habits at a young age.

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Jillian Wagner

I cannot say enough positive things about WAG. It's absolutely changed my life both mentally and physically and probably one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

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Molly C

I will forever be chasing the perfect balance between sticking with my macros and social temptations but thanks to WAG I feel like I have a better foundation to make smarter decisions.

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Lacey Merritt

WAG is absolutely phenomenal and I would recommend it to anybody!

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Keshia M

AMAZING, nothing but the best to say about WAG!

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Ashley D

I have learned so much about food in general! Some of the coolest things that this program has exposed me to are mindfulness, awareness, and confidence in myself.

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Ashley B

As a mother, the only thing better than knowing I'm taking care of myself is knowing I'm teaching my children to take care of themselves. WAG is literally changing generations!

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Nicole W

Having someone so relatable and empathetic of my fears and concerns really put me at ease and helped guide me to a more logical state of mind.

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If I know I have to check in with someone and want to make them proud I can keep it in check. Having an awesome coach to help guide me has changed a lot.

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Carrie Rogers

This program has taught me how to balance food, not restrict it. You can eat for fuel, but also enjoy your food.... it's a newfound freedom.