Tabitha Parker

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As someone who never played a sport in her life, having a healthy lifestyle and becoming a nutrition coach is not something Tabitha ever thought possible.

A newborn & children’s photographer for over 20 years, Tabitha struggled with her weight most of her adult life. Years of poor nutrition and lack of mobility took its toll and that’s when Tabitha decided to do whatever it took to regain her health. After trying for too long on her own, she found a coach to work with and started the journey to lose weight and get healthy. 

Starting CrossFit and learning how to eat to fuel her body was a game changer. Not only did she lose the weight that had been keeping her from doing the things she enjoyed, she fell in love with CrossFit and with the process of being able to change how you feel through nutrition.

It had such a profound effect on her that she decided to make a complete career change so she could help others experience the same kind of transformation . . . freedom through diet and exercise.