Rob Henry

When he was younger, Rob found his athletic niche in activities like skating, BMX riding, surfing and bodyboarding. While working as a personal trainer in his late twenties, just after college, he came across a little-known training method called CrossFit. Soon after, he quit his job and opened a CrossFit affiliate -- one of the first 150.

As it does for many, CrossFit soon ignited Rob’s passion for weightlifting. In 2014, he was the American Masters silver medalist and still holds state records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total.

After the birth of his son and his retirement from competitive weightlifting, Rob found himself at an all-time high in body weight, and it wasn’t flattering! Then, he found WAG and over the course of the following year, his entire life changed. The things he learned from WAG carried over into all areas of his life for the better!

Rob is still an affiliate owner in Jacksonville, FL. He continues to compete as a CrossFit Masters Athlete in the 40-44-year-old age group, and he placed 90th this year! He is passionate about nutrition and helping others find the same freedom and sense of achievement he has found through WAG.