Nicola Spencer

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Nicola has always been active. She grew up playing soccer and eventually got into long-distance running, completing three half marathons. It wasn’t until finding CrossFit that Nicola started paying attention to her nutrition and learned the importance of eating to gain strength and perform her best. 

She joined WAG and with the help of her coach, she built confidence and self-efficacy and began focusing on her abilities instead of how her body looked.

Nicola quickly moved into nutrition coaching because she wanted to help others realize that there is more to life than weight loss. She strives to create space for her clients to get curious about who they are, who they want to be, and how to get there. She’s driven by human connection and has a way of making people feel seen, heard, and comfortable being themselves. She provides the compassion and space to help her clients explore what is holding them back from reaching their goals.

Playfulness is one of her core values & she’s a big believer in the importance of play in personal growth. “If there’s no room for fun & enjoyment, it’s not for me”.

Nicola lives on Vancouver Island with her partner, Brandon & their golden retriever puppy, Roux. You can find them out hiking, paddle boarding, playing catch on the beach, or cozied up in a coffee shop.