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Mitch Lockhart

After training in martial arts as a teenager, Mitch went through a 15-year hiatus before reluctantly leaping back into a life of health and fitness with CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting.

After several intense sessions and a few bouts of self-doubt, Mitch knew it was clear his life was due for a change.

He wanted the most out of his newfound passions and to achieve the milestones he set for himself, it was clear that nutrition was the missing piece to the puzzle—that’s when he decided to join Team WAG.

Through one-on-one nutrition coaching, Mitch learned how to properly fuel his body while remaining flexible in his day-to-day eating, and began to see a positive shift in his mindset and attitude. As his journey with WAG evolved, so did his drive to share its lifestyle benefits with others.

When Mitch isn’t helping coach you through your goals, you can find this Texas native a far stretch from home in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife and their four border collies, reading or riding his motorcycle.

Aside from all things two wheels, his biggest passions include Olympic lifting, CrossFit and working to help people realize their full potential.