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Substitute Coach

Meghan Flynn

Meghan grew up as a multi-sport athlete from her childhood up until she graduated high school. Having played ice hockey at a high level in her high school years, she was always looking for ways to improve her performance but never knew how much of an impact her nutrition had. This stayed true until she joined a CrossFit gym a few years ago and was unsure why her progress wasn’t moving in the direction she wanted when she was working so hard. She was eating healthy but quickly found out how much more food her body needed after being introduced to a local coach. Meghan then fell in love with fitness and bettering herself both in and out of the gym, which led her to Working Against Gravity. 

Through her nutrition and fitness journey, Meghan discovered a love for helping others gain the confidence and knowledge she acquired while working with a nutrition coach. While working towards her bachelor's degree, she completed her WAG certification and got her CrossFit Level-1 with hopes of using her wide range of knowledge in the nutrition coaching industry. She has a strong passion and desire to make a lasting impact on her clients' lives, and she hopes that everyone she coaches can feel her positivity in every check-in. 

Meghan currently resides in Plattsburgh, NY alongside her family and her golden doodle, Kale. In her spare time, she enjoys getting outside, running alongside Lake Champlain, and spending time with her family and friends.