Megan Bushong

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Meg was a very active child and began playing sports at 3-years-old. She played tennis and basketball through high school and grew to love supplementing her sports with strength training.

When she got to college she remained active but missed the competitive atmosphere that sports provided. Meg found Crossfit while pursuing her Master’s degrees in Kinesiology and Counseling. She fell in love with the sport and started competing in local competitions for fun.

Meg realized that although she had been eating what she considered “healthy” for years, she wasn’t sure what or her body needed. After years of dieting and calorie restriction, she wanted to see how eating for performance could impact her CrossFit experience.

She joined WAG and Meg's coach helped her realize that food is truly fuel for life. When she dialed in her nutrition she not only saw more and more PR’s in the gym but she was also able to fully enjoy moments in life that were not Crossfit-related.

Meg became a WAG coach because she is passionate about sharing these positive experiences with others and nutrition coaching allows her to couple her passion for helping others with her love of health and fitness.

She currently stays active through CrossFitting, running, boxing, and surfing. In her spare time, you can find Meg reading, cooking, and spending time with her son and husband.