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Maria Higgins

After earning her master’s degree in nutrition and functional medicine while living in Portland, Maria decided that education is her biggest passion. Throughout her personal journey with food, macro counting and CrossFit, Maria continues to chase new goals while applying original approaches.

Maria lives in Portland and is active at her home gym, VC Fitness (formerly VC Crossfit) that her husband owns. She’s currently focusing on gaining strength back and continuing gymnastics skills after having her first baby last summer. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, getting extra doses of vitamin D in the Oregon sunshine, and cooking and photographing new foods she tries.

Maria Higgins became a coach for Working Against Gravity after working with a coach herself. Maria realized that with her educational background, she could have a significant impact by joining the Team WAG coaches. Now, she is a substitute coach for WAG and strives to teach people how to fuel their body for performance and lifestyle goals.

She’s passionate about helping others take an active role in their health journey. As a coach, she wants to empower people to make the right choices for their bodies while learning to listen to them and recognize how to help them achieve their goals.