WAG Cert Training Coach / 1:1 Coach

Jessica Holton

Jessica has always loved a hard-earned sweat. Growing up she participated in any sport she could, including basketball, volleyball, and track. After college, a friend convinced her to sign up for her first 10k. Soon 10k's turned into half marathons and then into triathlons. During the summer of 2012, she completed a three-day Ironman, swimming 2.4 miles the first day, biking 112 miles the next, and running 26.2 miles on the final day. Jessica started incorporating strength sessions to supplement her endurance training. While beneficial, this did not provide the same satisfaction as the pure sport training she was used to. In June of 2014, her husband Josh, suggested that she try CrossFit. After her first workout, she was hooked. Now, whether it’s CrossFit, Oly lifting, powerlifting, running, or yoga - Jessica starts her day moving.

Nutrition-wise Jessica always considered herself to be a “healthy eater” but never saw the favorable results she thought she should being as active as she was. She struggled to find a balance between eating for health, performance, aesthetics, and enjoyment. Enter Working Against Gravity. Working one-on-one with a coach, Jessica learned how good it felt to properly fuel her body. She started liking what she saw in the mirror and loved that she could enjoy her favorite foods without guilt. Jessica is eager to help others find their own balance, and to empower them to become the best versions of themselves.