Jessica Gonzalez

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Jessica joined Working Against Gravity as a client in 2017 with the goal of improving her body composition and learning how to fuel her CrossFit workouts. She gained a ton of strength, but still wasn't happy with who she saw in the mirror. While working with a WAG coach, Jessica learned how to shift her mindset from only eating when she was hungry to eating to properly fuel her body for the day. She learned how food impacts the way she feels and how to enjoy nights out and family gatherings without any guilt.

Jessica was the child that never really had an interest in sports... she even joined the marching band in high school so she didn’t have to take PE class. In college, she joined globo gyms, did at-home workout programs, spin classes, Zumba classes, and kickboxing classes but had trouble finding something she could stick to. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and got hooked on the variety of movements and workouts. Within the last 6 years, she has done powerlifting cycles, bodybuilding cycles and a few local competitions. Making fitness a priority quickly led her to make her nutrition a priority as well. Jessica loves the fact that she can make progress in the gym and eat the foods she loves. Once she started seeing results and others were noticing them too, she was even more motivated to learn why food is so important to living a healthy lifestyle. She started by teaching her own family and friends how to choose better food options and encouraged them to change some of their habits. Once they started seeing improvements, she pursued her first nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. Soon after, she decided to become WAG Certified and has since joined the WAG team!

Fun Facts: Jessica lives in Miami, FL with her fiance. As a WAG Coach, she is passionate about teaching and motivating others to be the best versions of themselves!