Jennifer Davis

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Sports and nutrition were never a significant part of Jen’s life when she was growing up. She danced and ran track in grade school but after leaving dance in the seventh grade, she didn’t have a desire to work out or participate in sports. Then, Jen suffered an injury that led to surgery and strict orders to not bear weight on her left foot for the months.  

During that time she turned to food for comfort so once she was (literally) back on her feet, she felt a strong desire to make big changes in her health. She picked the cheapest thing she could think of and started running. She was a runner for 14 years before discovering Crossfit and eventually, she narrowed her focus even more to Olympic weightlifting. 

Jen has been lifting in her garage gym for almost three years and tries to compete at least twice a year. She also loves to hike and backpack and enjoys getting out into the mountains with her close-knit group of hiking buddies. She’ll go just about anywhere with the promise of beautiful views and a cheeseburger afterward!

As a WAG client, Jen realized that there’s more to exercise and nutrition than the pursuit of skinny. She learned that the pursuit of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, strength, and confidence was more important than the number on the scale. She decided to become a WAG Certified Nutrition Coach to share this passion and learning with others.

She strives to always be empathetic, compassionate, and curious with her clients so that they feel safe, supported, and empowered to make the best decisions for their own lives.