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From sign up to first check-in, here’s what to expect from your first 30 days working with a 1:1 WAG Nutrition Coach.

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Get an inside look at Seismic—the software we use to help our clients stay organized, focus on their goals and get results.

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Step 1

Download the App

Download the power of Seismic right to your phone to keep logging, tracking and coach communication quick and easy. Seismic is available on both iOS and Android.

Step 2

Get Your Macros

After you fill out a personalized questionnaire, we’ll match you with the coach who best fits your goals. Your coach will share your personalized set of macros, first check-in date, and helpful resources to get you started. View your macros right from your Seismic Dashboard.

Step 3

Start Logging

Sync your food logs right to Seismic and start recording your daily meals. Keep tabs on your adherence on the Seismic Log screen. Your coach will give you personalized feedback and nutrition strategies in your first check-in.

Step 4

Check-in With Your Coach

Upload your logs, measurements and mood metrics so your coach gets a well-rounded look at your week. Fill out the written section with an update and any questions you have. Your coach will respond within 24-hours with answers, feedback, and needed macro shifts.

Step 5

Utilize the Seismic Messaging System

If you need support between check-ins, use the app’s messaging system to reach out to your coach. It is open to you at any time and your coach will respond within 24 hours.

Step 6

Track Your Progress

Use the progress tracking graphs to keep an eye on trends in weight, measurements, photos and mood metrics—letting you focus on the day-to-day habits that keep the needle moving.


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Experts in nutrition science and the art of coaching, our job is to teach you a sustainable way to stay fit and healthy. We are masters of accountability.

Meet the Team

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