Elvis Yogurt Bowl

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  • 5 Minutes
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15 g


45 g


35 g


8 g




  • 150g nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 10g vanilla whey protein powder (I used Earth Fed Muscle Vanilla)
  • 24g peanut butter
  • 100g banana
  • 15g chocolate chips
  • Optional - honey drizzle and one slice of bacon (not included in macros)


Elvis Yogurt Bowl

This Elvis-inspired yogurt bowl is absolutely swoon-worthy. It’s so creamy, peanut buttery, sweet, and salty that you’ll forget you’re eating healthy. 

elvis yogurt bowl pin

This recipe is just one of over 100 options from our 1800-calorie meal plan. Adjusting the portion sizes allows you to customize it for different macros and calorie ranges. 

Need fewer carbs? Use half a banana. Want more fat? Use full-fat yogurt. No matter how you enjoy this healthy yogurt bowl, you’ll get a high-protein nod to the famous Elvis sandwich (sans the bread) with every bite. If you have extra macros, this is delicious with the honey drizzle and bacon crumbled over the top. It is nutrient-dense enough to be used as a meal or pre-workout and tasty enough to be considered a dessert.


  1. Add your Greek yogurt and whey protein in a bowl and stir until creamy.
  2. Add sliced bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips to the top.
  3. Optional - drizzle some honey and crumble bacon on top.
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