Cut Weight Without Cutting Performance

Working Against Gravity’s FREE Weight Cutting eBook guides you from choosing your weight class all the way through to last-minute cutting techniques – the same ones WAG uses to work with athletes from beginner, to the highest level. Whether you're a coach or an athlete in any weight class-driven sport, this guide removes the guesswork from your nutrition so you can focus your energy on you/your athlete's performance.

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A Look at the Contents

  • What is your Why? Considerations before choosing to cut weight and the various factors involved. Both personally and as an athlete.
  • Advising on Weight Class Selection Which weight class is right for you/your athlete, or if maintaining or moving up a weight class is right for you.
  • Bodyweight Understanding why you fluctuate, nighttime VS daytime weights and the data you should be tracking while you cut.
  • Dieting Before Cutting The difference between dieting VS cutting. How should you approach your diet before you get to the cutting stages.
  • Nutrition During a Cut The low down on sodium, water and your macronutrient intake.
  • Timeline and Strategies for Cutting 3 months out, 7 days out, the day before, day of and the hour before you weigh in.
  • Last Minute Strategies Water manipulation, spitting, sauna.
  • Weigh-In Day 2-hour weigh-in VS 24 hour weigh in and how to rehydrate, refueling and recover from your cut, ready to compete.
  • Success stories of WAG Athletes Cutting
Download My Free EBook