The Working Against Gravity Guide to Nutrition

This guide is jam packed with everything you need to know about nutrition. From tracking macros to meal ideas.
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Chapter 1

Calories vs. Macros: The Big Picture

In this section we break down what macros are and why tracking them is a fantastic way to reaching your individual goals. And, as a bonus, we also include the tricky details on tracking Alcohol and the importance of micronutrients, as well as fiber.
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Chapter 2

Tracking Macros for Optimal Performance

Avoid the most common mistake we see people make when starting a fat loss journey, with our strategies for eating foods that leave you full, satisfied and able to perform your best — whether that’s in the gym, classroom, office or wherever life takes you.
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Chapter 3

How Do You Track Macros?

From meal-prepping to dining out, this chapter is all about accurately tracking your macros, including some tools and tutorials that’ll help.
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Chapter 4

Our Favorite Macro-Tracking Tips

WAG nutrition coaches’ top ten tips for staying on track with your macros is full of golden nuggets of wisdom, which is why we also include the option to download our more extensive list.
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Chapter 5

Macro-Friendly Shopping Lists

Complete with a breakdown of some of our favorite macro-friendly foods, items at popular stores and inspiration from WAG nutrition coaches’ own grocery lists — this chapter is your shopping trips’ superhero.
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Chapter 6

Meal Timing

Learn how to improve your energy and performance even more by planning your macros around the times of day you need them most.
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Chapter 7

Now What?

In this chapter we discuss life after tracking. We show you how to take what you’ve learned from counting macros and apply it to your diet, even if you’ve decided to put the scale away.
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