Macro Calculator Cheat Sheet + 18 Tips & Tricks Bundle

Tracking macros is an incredibly effective way to reach your fitness goals — whether looking to lose fat, gain muscle or both.

Using our 4-step process outlined in this FREE download, you’ll not only learn what your starting macros are, but you’ll learn the exact formula we use to set them.

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Macro Calculator Cheat Sheet + 18 Tips & Tricks Bundle

Here’s what this cheat sheet will teach you:

  • How to determine your baseline calories
  • Referencing the type of training you do for determining your protein intake
  • Calculate your optimal protein intake based on your training and activity level
  • The pros and cons of the different calorie deficit levels and how to decide which is right for you
  • The formula for setting macros (protein, fat, carbs and fiber) we’ve used for thousands of clients

Here’s what this 18 Tips & Tricks will teach you:

  • All the shortcuts and hacks to remove the overwhelm from tracking
  • How to make sure you hit your numbers every time
  • How to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls with tracking
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