WAG Alcohol Macro Calculator

If you track your macros and enjoy the occasional drink, WAG Nutrition's easy-to-use Alcohol Macro Calculator will help you determine how much alcohol you can drink and still hit your macros. Enter your volume of liquid, toggle the scale until the drink fits your macros and clink!

Alcohol Macro Calculator

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To drink or not to drink, that’s the question when you’re on a nutrition journey. Alcohol doesn’t actually contain any macronutrients – but don’t get too excited. Even though there are ways to make your drinks more macro friendly, alcohol does contain calories… A LOT of calories. 

There is a time and place for sure, but tracking alcohol in your macros so you can see how it impacts your overall intake is really helpful. That way, you can enjoy a drink, plan accordingly and continue working towards your goals. Use our Alcohol Macro Calculator to make your planning quick and easy.