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7 Day Environmental Overhaul

Change your environment. Change your mind.

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Simple Ways to Make Staying on Track Easier

We've all been there. You start the week with enthusiasm proclaiming, "I'm going to do things differently – stick to a plan and make healthier choices!" But then, work piles up or you catch a cold, and little by little you find yourself running out of willpower and giving in to temptation.

During the 7 Day Environmental Overhaul, you will learn how the smallest tweaks to your current habits, can have the biggest impact on your results.

Throughout the week you will receive:

  • Strategies to strengthen your will power
  • Easy steps for changing your eating environment at home and away from home
  • Techniques to develop greater awareness of your eating habits
  • Tips for building a routine that supports a healthy diet

We want to show you how to ensure your environment matches your goals, so that next time your boss asks you to work overtime you will have the tools to do so without ditching your plan.

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