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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Popular Diets & Physiology


Goals, eating styles and physiological needs vary from person to person and can change with a client’s evolving lifestyle. This course spotlights key factors for designing a custom nutrition program while adapting to the clients evolving lifestyle.

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  • Lessons Include:

    1. Intermittent Fasting

    Learn the research behind Intermittent Fasting, when to implement this into a nutrition plan, and how to customize for your client’s situation.

    2. Metabolism, Diet Breaks, and Refeed Days

    This unit shows metabolic and daily expenditure formulas to address clients’ different metabolisms. Coaches also learn how to implement diet breaks and refeed days to improve client adherence.

    3. Plant-Based Diets

    This unit provides an overview of plant-based plans and alternative food sources to ensure proper intake of essential nutrients. Learn how to use this information to enhance nutrition programs for weight loss and the performance athlete. 

    4. Working with Bariatric Surgery Clients

    Coaches will understand the different bariatric surgeries and how to best approach the nutrition issues a client might have after one of these procedures. 

    5. Gut Health

    Learn what foods make the digestive system happy, as well as the different conditions that make it difficult to perform its duties. With this knowledge coaches can help clients work with their body to reach their individual goals.

    6. The Effects of Alcohol

    This module will explore the effect alcohol has on general health, performance, muscle growth, and fat loss.

    7. Sleep and Fat Loss

    Explore the impact of sleep deprivation on fat loss and training performance. Get tips on increasing the quality and quantity of clients’ sleep. 

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