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Life is all about balance. Okay, and sushi.

The best part about sushi, besides the food itself, is the fact that you have endless options for how you can order. And while you can absolutely make healthy decisions at the sushi bar, there’s also plenty of battered, mayo-filled and sugar-coated items lurking on the menu.

That’s why we’ve made this simple breakdown, to guide you through ordering a meal that fits with your nutrition goals. Whether you’re keto, zoning, flexible dieting or just simply trying to make healthier choices, there are options for everyone.

Tip: If you’re tracking your macros and the restaurant doesn’t have nutrition information, we suggest using menu items from Benihana, Ra Sushi or Sushifaq.com. They may not have the exact macros, but estimating is always better than nothing!

Start Smart

Edamame. These little soybeans are steamed with a touch of salt and are a perfect snack. Half a cup (half the size of your fist) has 9 grams of fiber, 11 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbs. You’ll be surprised by how quickly this power food will fill you up!

Cucumber or Seaweed Salad. These low-calorie appetizers can help you fill up so that you’re not starving by the time you dig into the rice rolls! Ask for the dressing on the side and what’s in it to make sure there aren’t hidden oils or sugars.

Miso Soup. One cup (the size of your fist) of miso has only around 35 calories, 1 gram of fat, 4 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein, making this warm, soothing starter a no-brainer!

Tips: Try substituting with brown rice to get more fiber! Just keep in mind that brown rice is slightly higher in carbohydrate.

Carb-Cutting Tips For Sushi:

  • A great option when looking for less rice is to order your rolls Temaki (hand roll) style. These cone-like rolls are made out of seaweed and wrapped around small amounts of rice and whatever fillings you choose.

  • Make any roll low carb: Get your sushi roll wrapped in cucumber (“naruto style”), nori or soy paper instead of rice. Or take the rice out of half your roll!


Add wasabi or ginger for some extra flavor. Wasabi is packed with antioxidants and a lot of heat, while ginger boosts the immune system and aids in gut health.

Tempura and crunchy typically means battered and deep fried. By avoiding these options, you’ll save excess calories and unhealthy trans fats.

Spicy usually means sushi is mixed or topped with a cream-based sauce made with mayonnaise, which can add a ton of hidden fat — just one tablespoon has about 12 grams of fat and 110 calories.


Raw fish without all the fluff is typically a healthy way to go. Balance your meal out by ordering some steamed vegetables and brown rice. It’s easy to identify the ingredients in sashimi and count the macros.


Still want the rice? We got you! A great option is “Nigiri,” which is thin slices of raw or seared fish served over a small ball of rice.

Grilled, Steamed

& Raw Proteins

Say “yes” to grilled, steamed and raw proteins. These options are typically 100 percent pure protein and oil-free, so no hidden fats, but we’d suggest asking the server to make sure.

Tip: Instead of making your whole meal sushi, you can always order a healthy roll and ask for a side of protein. This will help satisfy your cravings, but also keep you on track.

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