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Welcome to WAG

Congrats are in order. Like, big congrats. Because by joining WAG, you’ve made the first step to a healthier, happier lifestyle and that’s a huge deal. So, without further ado…


We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work with you. Seriously — when Jourdan, our Chief Technology Officer, heard you joined he sprayed coffee all over Software Engineer Tim’s face and computer… out of his mouth.

On most days Tim would have put Jourdan in a jiu-jitsu choke, but today, the day YOU joined, he just chuckled. He said nothing could ruin this perfect day for him. See what I mean? We’re pumped.

Blow up some balloons, fire a confetti cannon, go crazy. Just as long as you’re giving yourself some credit for making a big, good decision for yourself. Because you deserve it.

Here’s what we’re gonna do:

You answered a whole bunch of questions, so right now, we’re checking out your answers and playing WAG matchmaker with you and our coaches. They’re all fighting over you, but we’re gonna find the perfect coach for YOU — and we’ll do so within the next 48 hours because you’ve got goals to conquer.

In the meantime, let’s link up:

      1. Join our exclusive WAG Facebook Group—it's okay, you’re on the list. It’s full of other members who champion each other through every step of this wellness journey. In this group, you can check out some of their transformation pics, meal preps and coach livecasts. Once you’re in we’d love you to introduce yourself if you’re feelin’ it!
      2. Register for a good ol’ fashioned WAG Meet and Greet. This is a live video chat for all new members to meet coaches and learn more about what you’ll get out of WAG! We’re also down to Q&A with you if you’ve got anything on your mind.

Get excited, get pumped! You’re in for the ride of your life where you’ll foster a healthy and fruitful (no pun intended) relationship with food while making a transformation happen right before your very eyes. And I can’t wait to see it.

Working Against Gravity