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WAG Wait List Update

Wondering about our wait list?

Our waiting list consistently stands at over 3000 people and simply won't stop growing... we can't believe it either! We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support. We know waiting is frustrating - we have read your comments, emails, and posts about anxiously waiting to join the team, and are doing our very best to meet the demand. This announcement is being made to clear the air and assure you that we are working on it!

With only so many coaches in a state of rapid growth we have been brainstorming for months on how we can bring the same quality service to all those wanting to be a part of this amazing community. Since Working Against Gravity was born we have been working to create a coaches training program. After two years worth of work, we have finally completed that training program and are working with 7 amazing candidates - selected from hundreds of applications to complete this training. These fantastic individuals are on their last phase of our rigorous training program and will be joining our coaching staff over the next few weeks.

On top of bringing new coaches on board we have a stacked media/content team that is working day and night on free content for those of you waiting. This content is intended to prepare you for the program and set you up for success. This will be emails filled with tips on how to get started, what WAG is all about, and what you can do now to start reaching your goals.

We take our commitment to our members seriously, and appreciate everyone who has waited so long for this to happen. The average wait time on our list is currently 10-12 weeks, which we hope will drop significantly with these new coaches on board.

Our aim is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, and while we wish we didn't have a wait list at all - we cannot sacrifice the quality of our program. We are doing everything we can to serve you better, and we can't wait for you to meet the new members of the Team WAG coaching staff.

Thanks again for your patience - we are so excited to have you on our team!


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