The Power of Appreciation

Two, four, six eight, who do you appreciate!?

It’s easy for us to know how much we appreciate others, but how often are we really sitting down and taking the time to pause, reflect and feel the significance of what our loved ones are doing for us. Additionally, how often are we patting ourselves on the back in recognition of our own service to others, as well as the joint teamwork that occurs in relationships to move things forward.

Appreciation and giving thanks doesn’t take much effort, but the ramifications and power of those words has great strength and power. All too often we are quick to assume others should “just know” how we think and feel. People aren’t mind readers and relationships are not mathematical equations where assumptions are safe to make.

Strong relationships require connection. Solid connection requires clear and honest communication. Be vulnerable, be open and declare your appreciation to those around you! A simple declaration of gratitude can go a long way.

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