Sean Gleason

As a young athlete, Sean didn’t put much stock in the foods he ate. Between constant sports practices and games, he rarely put on weight and didn't have to focus on nutrition. This changed once football ended and his eating habits didn’t change to make up for the shift in activity. During college, Sean gained nearly 100lbs and realized something needed to change. He started small with something he knew - exercise - and began running around his neighborhood with the goal of working up to a half-marathon.

After 8 months of running and doing one-off workouts at a globo-gym, Sean found CrossFit. It had the comradery he missed from his football days and the constant variance made every day different.  

Sean found Working Against Gravity just after the 2018 CrossFit Open and, wanting to improve his performance, he signed up immediately and started a life-changing journey. Working Against Gravity helped him understand how food fuels his workouts and recovery. In 2019, Sean was part of the inaugural class of the Working Against Gravity's Coach Certification and loves helping his clients realize their own strength and meet their goals.