Sean Gleason

When I joined up with WAG as a client in 2018, I can say without a doubt in my mind, it changed my life.  Not only did it completely change the way that I looked at food, but it helped me to see nutrition and coaching as one of my passions.  After being a client for a few months, I knew that I wanted to help people to change their lives the same way that my coaches helped to change mine.  Over the course of a few months in late 2018 and early 2019, I received my WAG Coaching Certification, Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification, and my CrossFit Level 1.  In my athletic life, I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything.  I’ve run a marathon, multiple obstacle course races, and competed in both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

If you want to change your life, I want to work with you.  Whether your goal is to lose a little bit of weight and feel better about yourself or if you compete in a sport that you want to be more competitive in, I will work to create the best program to help us achieve our goals together.  We’re a team and we’re going to succeed together.  

When I’m not helping clients to become the best version of themselves, I’m probably hanging out with my wife Morgan and our two labradoodles, Olive and Murphy, or in the garage building something.  Home ownership and the pandemic turned me into a bit of a DIY whiz.  I’m also a huge reader so that gave me the excuse to build a built-in bookshelf in our house.

The best quote that I’ve ever heard is “The most dangerous phrase ever spoken is ‘we’ve always done it this way’”.  So if you’re ready to find a new way of doing things and change your life, I would love to work with you!

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