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Substitute Coach

Sarah Ruebel

Sarah grew up as a competitive soccer player, and at one point suffered from an ACL/MCL meniscus tear in each knee. After she tore her second knee and had two surgeries, Sarah made the decision to move home to San Diego. She felt lost without her identity as an athlete, changed her major from kinesiology to accounting, and created a lot of unhealthy coping habits. It wasn’t until her older sister introduced her to CrossFit that she reignited the competitive athlete in her!

About a year into CrossFit, she joined a friend on a journey to improve their nutrition and discovered how to cut weight using one-size-fits-all diet templates. While Sarah found some success with these templates, she wanted more from her nutrition program. She started researching one-on-one nutrition programs and discovered WAG! Her goals when joining the program were to fuel performance, get stronger and, most of all, improve her relationship with food so she could live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Sarah says, “WAG has completely transformed how I feel about not only nutrition, but mindfulness and self-development as well. I truly believe that this program can work for anyone, no matter what your goals or obstacles are and I can’t wait to help you with your own nutrition journey!”

Sarah was born and raised in San Diego, California, and currently lives there with her boyfriend and two cats. She’s an aunt to two sweet little girls and one day hopes to have a German Shorthaired Pointer. She also works for a Big Four public accounting firm and in her free time loves to CrossFit, run and do yoga!