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Substitute Coach

Nicole Waterbury

Nicole Waterbury grew up an athlete, playing multiple team sports throughout high school and college. After college, marriage and kids, Nicole maintained some level of fitness, mostly consisting of home workout videos and joining the local “Globo-Gym.”

She first became curious about CrossFit after noticing a co-worker’s Facebook photos of her working out in a CrossFit setting. The next day, the same coworker invited Nicole to her first CrossFit workout, and she was hooked.

It wasn’t until she fully joined the CrossFit community that she realized just how much she missed being part of a team environment. She loved the expansive community that CrossFit has, plus the competitive aspect of it. After six months of training, she became a certified Level 1 CrossFit instructor. Four years later, she still loves everything about coaching, but more specifically loves having the opportunity to watch her athletes succeed and accomplish their goals.

After the CrossFit Open in 2017, she knew she needed to focus on hernutrition  the one area as an athlete that she couldn't change on her own. That’s when Nicole joined WAG. WAG changed Nicole’s life and opened her eyes in a way that gave her the motivation to pursue further education in nutrition. She completed her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and became a WAG coach. She is passionate about helping others create a healthier lifestyle.

Now, Nicole trains full time as an Olympics weightlifter and part time as a CrossFitter. If she’s not training in her home gym or coaching at the CrossFit Box, you can find her at home with her husband, their three kids, and kitten Misky.