Nicole Kupfer

Growing up with a dad who competed in Bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition have been in integral part of Nicole’s life since the day she was born. Nicole spent the majority of her childhood in dance classes including ballet, jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop and also briefly competed in Olympic Weightlifting in high school.

Fast forward to her senior year of college, Nicole started training for Figure Competitions and competed at the local and national level for the next couple of years. She loved competing, but the strict meal plans and two-a-day workouts were no longer enjoyable. Nicole decided to try her first CrossFit class and was hooked.

Although CrossFit helped Nicole learn to appreciate her body for what it could do and not just how it looked, she still felt lost about how to best fuel herself for training and also feel comfortable in her own skin. During her last couple months of graduate school, Nicole started her journey with WAG and has not looked back since! With the help of the WAG coaches and community, Nicole has learned how to eat for performance, love her body and how to stay on track through special occasions, vacations and injuries.

Nicole is a high school counselor in the Pacific Northwest and is often easily talked into pull-up competitions by the students she works with. She loves hiking, reading and hanging out with her fiancé and Black Labrador, Adrian. She believes in helping others learn to be the best version of themselves and is passionate about living and modeling a lifestyle where physical and mental health are a priority.