Substitute Coach

Miriam Jacobson

Miriam participated in a variety of sports growing up including ski racing, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, as well as competing in cross country, track, lacrosse and cheer in high school. In college, she began strength training and competed in a few local powerlifting meets for fun. She joined CrossFit in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the sport.

Shortly after she began CrossFit, she was introduced to Working Against Gravity and has been involved ever since. WAG helped her prioritize progress in the gym and develop a healthy lifestyle. With guidance from her coach, she was able to develop a healthier mindset around food. Her understanding of nutrition has deepened even further, since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and using nutrition to help control her symptoms.

Miriam graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Psychology with a particular interest in human behavior. She worked in the Sports Nutrition program at the University, supporting and assisting athletes with their nutrition.

Miriam’s favorite activities include hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her dogs, listening to podcasts, and connecting with others through meaningful conversations. The program and coaching were so personally impactful, she is excited to share the knowledge and experience she has gained to assist others in their journey.