Substitute Coach

Miriam Brisbin

Growing up, Miriam loved group sports. Throughout high school, she played soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse. After college, she took a break from all organized sports until she joined CrossFit in 2013. It was during that time that she started Whole30, and her interest in nutrition was sparked for the first time in an effort to understand how she could use nutrition to fuel her performance at the gym.

Two years later she tore her ACL, and with her comeback to training she decided she wanted to figure out a more consistent and long-term nutrition plan that would be both practical and sustainable. That’s when she found WAG.

Her coach helped her look at her current diet and assess how she could improve on a weekly basis. At that time, she switched from CrossFit to Olympic lifting and from Whole30 to flexible dieting and never looked back.

As a WAG certified nutrition coach, Miriam is excited to continue her own WAG journey, but also to help others reach their own goals. She looks forward to the opportunity to provide the same support and resources her coach was able to give her.