Laura Lee Gilliland

Laura Lee grew up as a dual sport athlete in Alabama, playing basketball and soccer at a competitive level through high school. During college, she took a break from sports, but when she began law school at Ole Miss in 2008, she needed an outlet and picked up lifting and distance running. Once her passion for lifting was reignited, she discovered CrossFit in 2012 and didn't spend much time in a law office before deciding to pursue fitness as a full time career. Part of her "why" is to use her gift of being able to help others, and she feels she best serves others helping and supporting them with their nutrition!

In early 2013, she moved to Nashville, TN to work in the fitness industry, and she has coached athletes in fitness and nutrition ever since. In 2015, she began working with a nutritionist who specialized in flexible dieting, and shortly after this Laura Lee discovered and joined Working Against Gravity where she initially cut 14 lbs. then worked at a caloric surplus for nearly 9 months to add muscle and become more competitive. Through this process she added about 8 lbs of lean muscle and found herself in the best shape of her career at the age of 31. WAG has been more than a physical transformation for Laura Lee. By using all of the tools and support WAG provides, she has learned to be more balanced in every aspect of her life. WAG has been life changing for Laura Lee and she now enjoys helping others change their own lives as well.

While she enjoys all food, breakfast is her favorite meal. Give this girl a stack of pancakes or French toast, and her day is made! When she's not working hard in the gym, preparing for a competition, or hard at work helping others, you can find her exploring the great outdoors -- her favorite place to be -- looking for the next great adventure and using her fitness to have fun and enjoy life.